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How We Authenticate

The Sports Mix Authentication Process


1.)  The Sports Mix has developed an Authentication System that will solidify the authenticity of your piece.  All Sports Mix pieces will have a unique Sports Mix Serial Numbered Hologram that is on your piece along with a Sports Mix Certificate of Authenticity.  The hologram number on your Sports Mix piece is your identification for authentication.  Type in the hologram number on the Sports Mix "Find Authentication" field and your memorabilia's history will be displayed.  You will know the date, place, and who signed your memorabilia from anywhere in the world.  The Sports Mix is dedicated to giving 100% authenticate autographed items.  We stand by our products authenticity and are committed to the customers satisfaction. 

2.) Any memorabilia produced by other companies like Steiner Sports, Tri-Star, Mounted Memories will come with their own certificate of authenticity.

3.) All autographed items produced by
The Sports Mix have been witnessed being signed by a Sports Mix representative.  We guarantee our memorabilia to pass any 3rd party authentication process.  Our company gives the customer a sound way of authenticating your sports memorabilia purchase.  Please call us if you have any questions.


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